Love Inks
Solar eclipse songs, a boatload of new music, and a great tracks featuring Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre and Bikini Kill- stay tuned!
Female-fronted folk from Orenda Fink to Maria Taylor, plus exciting new tracks from the Allah-Las and Nots, and more on the show today!
Get your all-female music fix this Sunday! This week we feature a special artist spotlight on Katie Dey.
Every other week BTR features some of the most talented female musicians around. Enjoy this edition of Ladies Skate Only, your all female music mix on BTR, hosted by DJ Emily.
DJ Emily has an awesome 90-minute set for you. Complete with new music from Holy Child and Hot Chip. Enjoy!
Talented ladies fill this mix on BTR. This mix includes a special artist spotlight on Lena Fayre.