Making it happen this week! As we enter into Winter and leave Fall behind, we bring you a nice and warm show to keep to focused and comfy. So grab your favorite flannel pajama pants and make a hot tea... This is the glitch/idm show!
This week we review the hard-to-watch 'Foxcatcher,' and talk about why funnyman Steve Carell actually makes a terrifying character convincing
I hope that everyone has fully recovered from their Turkey Day pig-out session.  Or extended family-time session.  Or whatever crazy tradition you happen to go all our for on Thanksgiving!  If you need a little more help with your recovery, we’ve got a great show packed with so many of the great genres that BTR has to offer.  So have a listen, and then make sure to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
6 Years Old Today!!! Oh yeah baby... feeling the love and staying-power of music for nerds. So thank you all for being with us this long, and feeling the raw emotion each week. Alright, let's get it/// glitch.idm @@@ed@@@
This week marks the beginning of a new month, and in honor of the future unknown we are dropping a mystery show! (I just made this up so go along with it...) In an extremely sleepy and mind-melting state I decided to prepare for today and now have no idea what tracks were picked. So we are just going to play them in the order they were selected and see what happens! OK, here we go/// glitch.idm )))))ed(((((
This is a really awesome show this week!!! I guess I was on some sort of Fall-time high because the selected tracks are all pretty tight. So light up your pumpkin spice candles and settle in. This is the glitch.idm show-/|-_| {}{.}{}ed[][.][]