Glorious show this week on the cooler side... Featuring new tracks from Juju & Jordash, Ziúr, Lee Gamble and always more! So let's do this; glitch//idm!!!
We got a pretty little groovy show for you this week!
Hey everyone! Welcome back; the show this week is going to be the 'part 2' of last week's 'part 1'. Which basically means more slow, beat heavy, glitched out flowing tracks. Other than that, we'll talk about the usual events in the life saga. So let's go/// |Glitch||IDM| ed
Big, BIG show this week! Ok, so on this edition of the Glitch/IDM show we are bringing out the bass-heavy, swamp tunes. Other than that, we'll talk about lone travels and distant lands... So let's do this!!! |.ed.|