Check out this new episode of Overnight Sensation -- It's our LONGEST episode ever! Not 120 Minutes, but 1 Hour and 20 Minutes of pure music. The hottest new bands are all here on Overnight Sensation, and it's only on BTR!
Last week it was all about maximalism... This week it's a more minimalist, like a coffee shoppe kinda vibe. Let me know what you think, post a comment. Let me know! Thanks, Bye!
You can't stop THE ROCK. And neither can we. Why would you want to, anyway? What's your game, man? Leave me a comment, let me know!
It's Producer's Week on Overnight Sensation on BTRtoday. BTR's got it, baby... Do you?
Oh my god, like, shut UP already! LOL jkjkjkjk. It's Oversight Sensation on BTR!
Deadly serious; serially deranged. It's Overnight Sensation, only on BTR.