Another badass show of hyped-up glitchy awesomeness! This week we feature tracks from Slugabed, Ceephax, Polysick and always more, more, more... Right here on the Glitch//IDM show!
Mmmmmm, food! We’ve got lots of it for you too. Basically, Hanabi and Insane Dane are out here stretching our waistlines so that you don’t have to. But seriously, Hanabi went to Trestle the other day and had what can only be described as a super delicious, four course price-fixe menu for a measly $45 clams. Although the star of the show wasn’t the entree course, but rather the pasta, it was still well worth it. Check out the show to see how worth it. Hanabi also has a simple, yet delicious recipe for Queso Fundido which if you’re unfamiliar is melted cheese and chorizo. Any questions? Hanabi also visited Lost Lake Cafe for a little of that throwback, retro diner thing that NOBODY else is doing these days. Insane Dane pretty much ends the controversy of how to drink bourbon and eat mac n cheese when you’ve only got minutes to spare. The secret is to mix them together. Check out his take on Bourbon mac n cheese on the old Dish + Drink blog if you don’t believe me. He also makes a killer Gin + Juice for a guy from New Jersey.
Super Old-School IDM this week! You know, every once in a while you just need to break out the pretty melodies and cruncy beats... So here we go, an hour of power and love, just for you/// glitch.idm -.._+ed+_..-
The price we pay to live in premier cities such as New York and San Francisco among others is often staggering to those don’t live there. If you show a born and bred Omaha-ian the cost of a 300 square foot studio in one of those cities you may be guilty of manslaughter as our friend from Omaha suffers what’s sure to be a heart attack. The effect of high rent is also felt in the cost of living, and is especially noticeable in the cost of food. A $20 burger isn’t weird to those of us who choose to live in these world class cities. Yeah, we addressed that stuff.
Hanabi and Insane Dane are spent. We’ve had enough turkey and stuffing, but not enough to let all those leftovers go to waste. If you’re wondering what to do with your own leftovers then this is the show for you. Each of us has our own spin on using leftovers. Don’t forget to hang with Insane Dane and Dish + Drink either.
Happy girls week! We’re dropping an all ladies of music kind of show this week. Also, we’re introducing an on-going collaboration with BTR hype man, DJ Dane or as we like to call him Insane Dane! Dane will be repping the New York area for Eatopia and contributing mightily to the show by taking us California hayseeds on a weekly foodie tour of the NYC area. Everyone Welcome Dane to Eatopia!