Lee Noble
Back again with another one!!! This week's show features tracks from Bibio, Onra, Burnt Friedman and always more! So stick with us, here on the glitch//idm show!!!
Big Warm and Out of Tune this week! Featuring tracks from Boards of Canada, Three Legged Race, Lee Noble and always more! So come down to our level; this is the glitch//idm show!
Get ready for your final dose of that Halloween Love with some synthy, IDMy madness. Tracks from Dark Sky, Tobacco, Le Matos and always ridiculously more.///
Overnight Sensation is "the best radio show you're not listening to." (Radio Life News, Jan. 2011), and this week's episode is no exception! First set is gentle pop sounds from around the world, second set gets a little droney/noisy, third set is all rollicking folk, c&w, and rock and roll! Featuring hits from Takeshi Terauchi, Scientist, Ken Seeno, Alastair Galbraith, Apache Dropout and SO MANY MORE! Only one show on BTR can give you all of that! Overnight Sensation is that show...
This week we are expanding the IDM forcefield, bringing out the melodic wonder, and beating ourselves to a new enlightenment. Other than that... It's fun and cheery times as usualy. We may even talk about some randomness. So let's go!!! ***glitch/idm+++ @ed@
OK! So this week is my favorite week of the year. Halloween is upon us, and in honor of the best holiday we know, I have put together an extra scary and deeply dark show for y'all. So get your proton packs warmed up, cause it's the uber frightening HALLOWEEEEEEN edition of, Glitch/IDM...