Laser Background
Great show this week. Unbelievable! Good! New music from new records from DAVID NANCE, PUMICE, LASER BACKGROUND, THE WORLD, and so many more! We got rock, pop, noise, and more fun than you can imagine... Right here on Overnight Sensation!
It's the last Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour ever yall. Let's listen to music and say lullabye...
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know... It's not 2015 anymore! But there were so many great songs in the year 2015 that I just had to keep the best songs of the year playlists going through New Year's! So here we are, with the top pop tracks of last year. These hit songs are so good. Hit songs from bands like Miserable Chillers, Scott Deadelus, KKB, Shawn Wasabi, and so many more!
This week's episode is stuffed to the gills with TAPE FREAK music. Home-recorded sounds from the USA, New Zealand, and beyond! We've got hits, new and old, from bands / solos like Mr. Bones (Portland), Honey Radar (Indiana), Laser Background (Philly), and so many more! It's a lot of fun, and you might just learn something.
Today Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Simon Joyner, Et Aliae, Laser Background, Leon Bridges, Dogs Only and Wand
Call the Classics Dept, because we've got another one. Seriously, you're not even gonna believe how many hits we've packed in this week's show! Hits from bands like Young Guv (Toronto), Sex Sux (Indonesia), Wet Trident (PDX), Laser Background (Philly), and more! Indiepop, powerpop, junkpop, lofipop, lonerpop, it's all here. Oh my god... I can't believe it.