Crank up your speakers & enjoy wicked new riddims by Terra D Governor, Ricardo Drue, Nitro, Tony Bailey, Mr. Dale, Sosa Lil Jelo, Landlord!
So I tried to pick a seemingly random set of tracks to reflect the chaos and completion the universe has offered up. I'm pretty sure you'll be all over this one. :)
Oh yeah! Welcome back guys (and guyettes!). This week's show is another intense journey through the cosmos. So come along and get weird with us./// glitch.idm ---__ed__---
Cool, Cool, Coolio... Alright so this week on the show we're going into some Falltime fun! Breakin' out some 80's inspired synthy, 8 bit stuff and some big heavy jams that I'm sure y'all will dig. So let's get into/// ==Glitch/IDM==