DJ Hanabi loves fair food. Corndogs are a staple. Nobody’s talking about them because we’re so wrapped up in gluten content. We need to start talking about corndogs. So, we did.
This week I just had to talk about the upcoming release of the second installment of hilarious Brit-com, The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. This time the lads head to Italy. I can’t wait! Also, I headed down to lesser known corner of the Bay Area, a city of about 1 Million people, and home to Adobe (Yes, Photoshop. That Adobe.) AKA, San Jose where I had a calorie bust at the San Pedro Square Market (re: Poutine). Insane Dane did one of my favorite things in the world, he had brunch, at a supper club.
Surfs up peeps! On this edition the team gives some insight into beach living, as well as our favorites that come from the majesty that is the ocean. Also, for the record not all of us Californians actually surf. That’s a rumor that the Beach Boys started.