It's a Roadside Celebration! It's been a long, crazy year+. Try to let all the worries go, relax and let some of your favorite BTR hosts supply tunes for you to Celebrate!
Electronica via John Dahlbäck, Max Reyem, Kicevski, Ninckx, Jay Bombay, Ladyhawke, SHRLT help you work towards crushing your goals!
Electronica via Agent Greg, Withoutwork, Yell Of Bee, Tektonauts! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Jealous Friend & Pishing Daizies!
The Listening Booth has downbeat alt w/Hey, King!, blues via Kishi Bashi, and nostalgic electro from (the very 80s sounding) Hotel Nights!
The Listening Booth marks the Ups and Downs of these contemporary times w/upbeat alt from Little Shrine and downbeat alt from Reliant Tom.
DJRePete has your handcrafted music discovery mix from downbeat alt with The Soft Cavalry to dreamy electro with Sufjan Stevens!