Music Lovers of the World Unite and Take Over!
Music from Norman, Oklahoma - based artists including Dresden Bombers, Helen Kelter Skelter, Plain Speak and more!
DJ Emily is playing you some of the best music played on The Tryst and doing it every week in December! We're moving on to part two with tunes form Anna St. Louis, of Montreal and more!
DJ Emily's got some of the best artists played on this all-female music mix in 2018. Check out artists like SC Mira, Caroline Says and Ruby Boots in the mix today.
Brand new track from Anna St. Louis and her upcoming release. Plus an artist spotlight on Whitney Ballen.
Labrys out of Oklahoma kick off the show. There is a Top 10 remix to take you out. And, brand new music in between from Hellbilly HeartThrob out of Wisconsin.