Downtown? Check. Brooklyn? Check! Downtown AND Brooklyn? You want it, you got it, baby! And it's only on BTR!!
It's the second to last Saturday in 2012! And the Saturday before the holidays! That means we're going extra hard on the show today- we're doing our first half of all the best tracks from the year! So stay tuned for some awesome Japandroids, Veronica Falls, and King Tuff! And don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter!
Have I mentioned how much I love the new Babies album? I love it SO, SO much. The track we're playing from it on the show today is quiet and poignant and almost kind of silly, but I think it's perfect in its simplicity. And as always, don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates.
Have you heard about the exciting new photo contest BTR is hosting for Discovery Week? All you have to do is take a photo of something you've discovered recently (maybe a great new band from the Saturday show?) and send it in for a chance to be on the BTR photo blog! Cool, right? And as always, we've got a ton of awesome music for you on the show today, so make sure to stay tuned!
Rockin' and a'rollin', rockin' and a'reelin', BTRbra Ann! It's the Rock Show, and it's exclusively on BTRtoday!
Have you ever even been to Downtown & Brooklyn? If not, you're surely missing out... suckers.
Gather round for great tunes from talented female musicians!
What a wonderful Rock Show this could be
The best in new bands, up-and-coming, in-the-game, in all of NYC!
Downtown & Brooklyn: Rot, Rot, or Rule? You decide.
March 8! 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:36 We Are All Teenagers-Tim Fite 04:00 Went to the City-Crooked Fingers 07:16 Pirates-Mr. Gnome 10:07 I Am With You-Ty Segall 14:43 Mall Dreams-Terry Malts 17:24 X-Xray Eyeballs 21:36 Lottie on BTR 22:44 Satisfied-Tom Waits 26:46 Got To Have Rock And Roll-Heartless Bastards 30:39 Rusty Old Clock-Limes 33:49 A Night And A Day-Pepe Deluxe 37:52 Zombie Boogie-Richard Swift 40:43 Elegant Design-Pond 44:47 Naked Cities-Buke And Gass 47:54 Lottie on BTR 49:17 What Have You Done-Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens 52:53 Let Them Talk-Spoek Mathambo 57:50 Apologetic Shoulder Blades-Baths 60:18 Blaksuit-Gonjasufi 62:24 Jam Karet-Young Magic 65:44 You-Gold Panda 69:17 Lottie on BTR 69:58 Break My Heart-La Sera 72:04 Oh What A Feeling-The Organ 74:44  King Bubbles In Sand-King Creosote 76:28  It's A Kiss-Jamie Lidell 80:09 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 84:48 Never Go Solo-Islands 89:29 Lottie on BTR 90:51 Flesh Of My Flesh -Orange Juice 94:01 Finish Terry Malts photo: Terry Malts Mar 9, 2012 Rickshaw Shop-San Francisco,CA Mar 17, 2012 1234 Go-Oakland,CA Young Magic photo: Leif Podhajsky Mar 13, 2012 SXSW-Austin,TX X-Ray Eyeballs photo: Veronica Ibarra Mar 8, 2012 35 Denton Festival-Denton,TX Mar 11, 2012 Andy's Basement Bar and Grill-Denton,TX
There's so much great new music on this show from artists BTR has supported from the very get-go.  Like the amazing new track from a Tim Fite album that sees him stripping down to mostly acoustic guitar.  And La Sera, Kickball Katy of Vivian Girl's new track, Break My Heart.  Bottom line: it's an excellent show.  And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter.
It's a busy season for fashion! We just wrapped up NYFW, and here comes the Red Carpet Runway Show (aka the Oscars) - the social media lines will soon be buzzing with who wore who and how! And what's every star's most critical red carpet accessory? Hair, of course! Jewelry, shoes, handbag... none of these can make or break a look quite as completely as a coiffed curls or a disastrous 'do. Thankfully, on today's show, we have a representative from one of the best international hair care schools to educate all of us on sane manes. Dell Miller is a Director of Education and Haircolor Purefessional for Aveda, an international company dedicated to natural, plant-based methods for hair and skin care. Aveda has been a pioneering force in the sustainable style movement - long before the term "sustainable" was even coined, they were working with organic farms and recycled packaging, in a conscious effort to match principles with practice. Dell has become a distinguished leader in haircolor design and education for the company. He just returned from NYFW himself, where he sculpted hair for several top designers, including Betsey Johnson and Nahm. On today's show, Dell will talk about his training with Aveda, what makes their philosophy unique, his experiences at NYFW, and what he *really* thinks of the ombre look. Plus, an amazing playlist today packed with great new music! I could barely fit it all in, but I made some tough choices and got the best of the bunch. There's new music from Tim Fite, Brian Lopez, WhoMadeWho, La Sera, and even some .fun! So stick around, and get ready to dazzle your friend's Oscar party crowd with some red carpet-worhty locks!
"Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / Once I get my hands on U... Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / I hope U feel the same way too" - Rose Royce on The Rock Show on BTR.
"It's a Rock, and he shows to us-- Rock Show!" - Lenny from Ghostwriter.
Banjees, Pop 1280, La Sera, and many more on today's star-studded episode of Downtown & Brooklyn! It's only on BTR!!!!
6 years with BTR and still going strong. Enjoy this anniversary, Tuesday mix with DJ Emily!
Spoon. La Sera. The Field. Grouper. Conveyor. Hooray For Earth. Grooms. And more...
For Wednesday, a conversation between Latola and Wynn, recorded outside Glasslands in Brooklyn, New York
Happy New Year! DJ Wynn is reformatting his show, and it's starting with quality time with Metronomy's latest record, The Englis Riviera. We'll also hear new tracks from Lee Fields and Miike Snow, discuss an instance in the last Miami Heat game, and I'll explain what a butterfly kiss is