La Nefera
Today features music from Lyric Jones, Dynasty, Young Old Soul, Liv East, and more.
Today's show features music from Dynasty, Lyric JOnes, Kyah Baby and more.
Today we an exclusive fromO.G.ology and dope cuts from Smoke DZA & Pete Rock, Homeboy Sandman, La Nefera & Roqy TyRaiD.
Happy New Year!!!! 2017. Wow! Just like that. Time just flies man. So we got some dope joints for you. Check out my boy from UK, his name is Knucks. You might be hearing a lot about him soon. Anyway, hope you had a great holiday. It's time for your new year resolutions, ha, ha. People still do that? I don't know. Soooo let's get into the mix. I know you will enjoy!!!
First let me yell out! "80 degrees in Tampa". Yeah because that's where i'm at. Rocking this show via-satellite for the rest of the world. World hiphop!! People hit me up online telling me it's one of their favorite shows ever. Yeah because they hear music they might have never heard before in their life. So let's get in to it. Check out the first joint by Napoleon Da Legend going at the artist J.Cole, whoa! Yeah he goes in on em. Everybody is talking about that on the net. Boom hit that play button.!! Enjoy!!
Today's show features A LO HECHO PECHO from La Nefera & more