La Dispute
One of the food trends we love and hope doesn’t go away or sucked in and spat out by the casual dining usurpers is the venerable gastropub. Some of our favorites are Brickyard in NYC, The Pourhouse in Sacramento and my personal favorite Father’s Office in L.A. If you happen to be in any of these cities, and in the mood for an extensive and lovingly prepared beer list and elevated bar bites I suggest that you listen to the Eatopia trio.
In this edition we wanted to chat about that looming, omnipresent ode to suburban sprawl that is the “casual dining restaurant.” If there is a strip meal nearby, there is sure to be a “casual dining restaurant” involved. Regardless of the regional brand, or “authentic cuisine” they purport to offer, one thing remains the same. These restaurants are no place for the concerned foodie. Or is it? We discuss, and come up with some startling revelations.
Mark 2, Stanford Linear Accelerator, California This week on the show: photographer Stanley Greenberg. Stanley has made his career photographing the visible, and invisible, parts of the built world He has photographed the hidden tunnels, aqueducts and tanks of new york’s water system, gained access to photograph the construction of buildings by some of the world’s most famous architects, and most recently, has been traveling around the world to places like Switzerland, Japan and the North Pole to photograph particle accelerators and other exotic high energy physics experiments. Stanley has published numerous books of his photographs including Invisible New York: The Hidden Infrastructure of the City, and Architecture Under Construction. His most recent book is called Time Machines and features a selection of his particle accelerator photographs.
Well, Dane is already making it possible for us to be in two places at once. This last weekend Dane takes us to Googa Mooga, a large food and music gathering in Brooklyn. Don’t worry because we’re jealous too! Dane is also killing it on the Dish + Drink blog on BTR as well. Check out his write up of Googa Mooga and more pics here!
So Hanabi nailed an interview by proxy. Interviewing an introvert with severe social anxiety is probably one of the best ways I can think of to fill up an hours worth of content. Hey, at least you don’t have much to edit though! Ok, so Hanabi couldn’t actually get Enrique to talk to us, but he did give us his recipe for a bad ass chicken marinade which requires Tecate, and only Tecate. Way to go Hanabi!
San Francisco fans do not like to lose a big game. That much is evident in the aftermath of last Sunday’s tilt between the 49ers and the Ravens. As an impartial viewer whose Minnesota Vikings were long since sent packing, I found it an opportune time to delve deeply into some proper game time snacks. DJ Hanabi did too, and he did it large! Hanabi went crazy on brats, tri-tip and other treats, while I made an elevated form of nachos with flank steak and a chimichurri sauce. We also talk about an alarming trend in food styling.