Konx Om Pax
We have an awesome one for you this week, not only do we have two new tracks from the legend himself, Oval, but also I was able to dig up a Miami classic track that I thought was lost to the IDM gods...
Getting weird this week!
Totally awesome show this week! We got some old hyped-up classics mixed with some new NEW! Also, maybe some new Squarepusher??? alright, here we gooooo! =glitch.idm= |ed[][][][][_][-]
Labor Day! so let's chill with some goofy-ass beats and melodies/// It's the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (())ed(())
I'm pretty pumped on the show this week! We busted out some older stuff I found on hard drives past, and put together a tight hour of power. I think you're gonna really get into this one... OK, here we go! Glitch/DM
First show of 2013! This week on the Glitch/DM show we have broken out a bunch of new tracks and new(ish) artists for you to absorb and make part of your future life. We will also talk about how awesome goals are, and life, and stuff. So get it on! and Glitch for your positive mind... -ed-