GET IT!!! This week's show features tracks from Gladio (Legowelt), Steve Moore, Ekman and always more!!! So turn it wayyy up. glitch//idm.
Another awesome show! Featuring new tracks from Anthony Baldino, Mad Zach, Konx-on-Pax and always more! So let's do this together, glitch//idm.
OOOOOhhhhh Yes! This week's show features new tracks from Brainwaltzera, Loscil, Konx-om-Pax and a ton more! So get ready, this is the glitch//idm show!!!!!!!!
Hey yoooooooo! Big bangin' show this week/// Come along with me as I get ready for a nice long road trip, of the mind... This is glitch.idm^ |}|}|+|ed|}|}|+|
Here we go! This week I am extra pumped up because I am taking a pretty massive road trip. So feel my excitement and awe through the experimental sounds of nerds with computers... This is the Glitch.Idm show/// :'~ed~':