On this week's show we are lucky enough to have Johnson in the studio with us. It's been ages since he's appeared on the show, and it's always fun. Listen to him gossip, give his opinions on local music, and generally make Iain and I struggle to keep from giggling. Can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!
I'm writing this blurb in advance, so I'm not sure what the weather is really like outside at the moment, or what major events have been happening around the world. Anyway, we should be concentrating on the matter in hand, which is playing good music from UK College based bands, so let's do that. Can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!
It's a lovely sunny day outside my window, and I'm sitting indoors typing this, whilst all my friends are probably drinking up the sun, and drinks, in a beer garden just across the road! But do I care? Of course I bloody do! Oh well, can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!