Kiyoshi Izumi
The Glitch//IDM show is going 8 years strong this week, so in honor we are celebrating with a super Chill show. So put on your ambient hats and find somewhere comfortable to lie down. let's do this.
Ooooooooh Yeahhhhhh! Man, what a great show this week/// I mean, I hate to pat myself on the back too hard... but damn! Ok so on this one I think the overall focus is like a mixture of really technical beat madness mixed with deep melodic and harmonic funk. So come on out, and let's go!!! this is the glitch//idm show--- (((((ed((((((
Happy birthday to me! I am celebrating a day early here with myself, cause it's April y'all/// So come on in and join the intensity of 33... glitch.idm/ _]]ed]]]]
you all ready for this///? Ok, so this week's show is on that mind-melting tip. So get somewhere comfortable and be ready to face your demons... Also be ready to smile and stuff. glitch.idm .-ed-.
Big, HUGE show today! I'm sure by now we are all feeling that end of the year, holiday madness floating all around us? And this show is going to take that energy and direct it back into your soul, in a positive way/// So let's get going. }}Glitch/IDM{{ -ed-
Groovin' so deep this week! Ok, so last week we took it easy and brought you some nice cool Fall easy-time tunes. This week we are gonna be on a similar level, but kicked up just one more notch, so I think you'll really dig it. Alright, here we go everbody!!!