Kevin Boyer
Today we turn over tunes from Nervs, Cult of Lip, Kamaiyah, Daisy Chain, Parker Jordan, Kitten Forever, Puff Partial Traces, and Deastro.
Pop pop pop! You Need Pop! Got to Have Pop! Power Pop Poppop! Today's show is a real powerpop extravaganza, I just know you're going to love it! We got hit records from the likes of The Gizmos, Ean Eraser, Steve Adamyk Band, Les Calamities (and that's just the first set!) Seriously, you're not gonna want to miss this one!
Wow! It's already December! Not quite ready to hit you with my best favorite songs of the year just yet, so for now here is a great show full of some of my favorites songs/bands/etc. from over the years. Enjoy! And tune in next week for ALL my best favorites of 2015!
It's the spring time in the northern hemisphere, time to enjoy the changing weather! In honor of this season, I've put together a good mix of springtime standbys of the indie rock variety. Includes hits from The Courtneys, Yo La Tengo, The Mice, Absolute Mess, Young Guv, and more!
Today Patrick K and Matt react to songs from J Dilla, Charlie McAlister, Flying Lotus, S.E. Rogie, Kevin Boyer and Mr Scruff
This is a nice, quiet, amiable set all the way through. Let these gentle grooves and friendly tunes float you over the Wednesday hump and deep into Thrusday/Friday/Saturday/Etc. Only in BTR!