Welcome to the December 2012 Edition of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour with DJ Moguls. This hour I’m bringing you the finest in Christmasy and Gospely bluegrass. We’ve got everything from The Village Singers and The Country Gentlemen to Kenny Smith and Tim O’Brien. The world is still here so get out on the slopes or over to your favorite winter activity, or just sit back and relax with a nice cup of cocoa. Oh, and don’t forget to get on out there and actually see these bands, scroll down for the playlist. Enjoy!
It’s getting warm fast. Summer is coming in full force which means bluegrass festivals are on their way. Today we have a few from Burlington Vermont’s Own PossumHaw (out on tour, scroll down for tourdates). Expect to hear more from Vermont Jazz mandolinist Will Patton (also out now). Influenced by Gypsy and Brazilian music, Patton also teaches mando. Picking with some of the best performers in the North East surely makes it worth going out there. And of course its Entrepreneur Week here at BTR check out our articles and videos.