I want more sun on Sundays, and i'm gonna get it!  In "light" of that, here is a theme show about all of us shining!
This female-centric mix features an artist spotlight on La Louma as well as new music from Banditos.                 Nadine Shah             Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Here's how we chill mid November; Turn on this damn show (Dealer's Choice), crank the damn volume, jam the hell out! Doubleshots and new tunes to celebrate mid November and the year that is and was 2017.
The Listening Booth is spinning pop alt, electronica, & R&B + a spotlight on the new album by Weaves & a pair from the BTR Live Studio!
New music from Donora, Savak, Double Ferrari and more!
Diane Coffee is back with a sweet 7" called Peel!