Kanda Bongo Man
Yenimno is a raucous blast of energy! The guitar is a marvel here, generating restless, romping momentum in cascades of sing-song lines!
L’Origine du Monde - the adventure in the brass jungle in pursuit, mutates into an atmosphere where the bass drum pulsates over all time!
This is just a good, old-fashioned chill-out set... The chill is beginning to set in the air, so I figured it was appropriate. You will love to hear these songs from Walking Trails, Peter Gutteridge, Brenda Ray, and more!
Taking it easy this week... real chill B-). Settle in for easy-going hits from Naang Naang, Julien Gasc, Brenda Ray, and many more!
Today's set is great. Really great! Hit records from across the globe, unstoppable energy... The only thing is, my mic breaks BLOW CHUNKS. Some days you got it, some days you don't! But don't forget, it's all about the music! Peace n Luv.