These artists sometimes have to work twice as hard to get heard because there from some place else. So here at BTRtoday we have provided a lane to support these world hip-hop artists to get heard. We think way outside the box, that's why this show is so popular.
I'm in Tampa right now.. Enjoy this cool weather.
Woooo, hooo, yeah, I'm out here in Atlanta right now. We out here for the A3C Festival. Insane, insane. Over 500 artist are out here at one time. I myself have been out here since last Weds. Having the time of my life. Music everywhere, people everywhere and good vibes everywhere. So once again we have to do my show via-satellite from Atlanta. I got some goodies for you. I wanna introduce a dope artists from Canada that I met out here. His name is King Reign from Toronto. He's been around, just where have i been? He has the hiphop goods so check out some of his joints playing thru out the show. World Hip Hop, it don't' stop. Let's go!
Yes, yes, back again, with some more firepower from around the world. World hiphop that is. Hiphop is not just in America no more, it spread like wildfire around the world. And what radio station better to bring it to you than a station that breaks new artists, BreakThru Radio!! Ha, ha like that. Check the difference sounds from different locations, Japan, Africa & more. Let's go!!
What's good ya'll? World Hiphop…u DON'T Stop!!!
What's good ya'll? World Hiphop…u DON'T Stop!!!