Jussi Reijonen
Tracks from three new albums today: Unfiltered Universe by Rez Abbasi, Heart Knows by Lena Bloch & Feathery, and Murphy by Carn Davidson 9
Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus includes music by Andrew Downing, Sofia Ribeiro, Gerald Clayton, Alexis Cuadrado and many others
On today’s episode of “The Jazz Hole” you get to hear a mix of jazz, Middle Eastern-influenced music, Latin rhythms and much more. Enjoy a brand new track from the album Bird Under Water by the talented NYC-based Pakistani composer and vocalist Arooj Aftab and stay tuned until the grand finale of today’s episode: a live recording by the brilliant Turkish vocalist, jazz and film composer Gizem Gokoglu, who has quickly established herself in New York City.
New music from the albums “Curiosity” by Alex Baboian and “Seeds” by Leo Genovese on today’s Jazz Hole with Linus, next to a number of other international artists.
Today’s Jazz Hole with Linus includes music from a brand new release by The Core Trio and much more.
BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Jussi Reijonen and a recorded live set from ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, where he performs tracks from his debut album 'un'.