Julien Gasc
Guess what? This week's show is a bit of a grab bag! Meaning, I stick my hand in the bag, pull out a song, and whatever comes out, I MUST play it. Fortunately, everything fits together quite nicely, and it's all great, warm, fuzzy bedroom pop, and indie rock... DJ Patrick K, you've done it again! Congrats!
This is just a good, old-fashioned chill-out set... The chill is beginning to set in the air, so I figured it was appropriate. You will love to hear these songs from Walking Trails, Peter Gutteridge, Brenda Ray, and more!
Taking it easy this week... real chill B-). Settle in for easy-going hits from Naang Naang, Julien Gasc, Brenda Ray, and many more!
Whooppeeee! One more week of "2013 In Review" setlists. It's a good one. Actually, scratch that... It's a great one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all soooooooo much!
It's up to you to make these bands famous... by listening to the show! It's Overnight Sensation, only on BTR!