Juan Magan
Electronica via Talla 2XLC, Wamdue Project, Jason Rivas, Pablo Briales, Juan Magan, Eugene Noiz help you work towards crushing your goals!
Electronica via Christina Novelli, Lizzie Curious, Jeanie Tracy, Robert Feelgood, Sagan, Mo Falk help you work towards crushing your goals!
Yoooo. 2020.. What?! Nothing changed. We still get it popping. New songs & new mixes. You can listen anywhere; ya headphones, car, bike, whatever. No excuses. We here to please every fan. Nothing like celebrating the new year. Friday is here. Let's move.
Forget next week, we're going hard right now. Check it out. Rocking non-stop. Dancing, head-bopping and jumping all over the place, yeah all that. Reggaeton at the highest level. I tell you man, we don't play. Your favorite DJ, put him on pause this weekend, give him a break from being corny all the time. He only has like 10 records, can't cut or scratch, but i'll have to take it easy on them. Let's rock!!!! Enjoy your weekend also...
Electonica by DJ Sava, Bob Sinclair, Loona! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ the Dirty Dutch Remix of ‘Bop Bop!’ by Miami Inc.!
Yeah vote for me, lol, that's right. Whenever there's a conversation about DJ's, say my name. LOL. Yo!! Another dope show for you. We're mixing it up big time. Even some head bopping by Mellow Man Ace the legend. What do you know about that? Skillz pay the bills, and I think my skills get it done. Hit that play button and see. We even got Papy Jay in the mix along with Chico Science. Let's go!!!