Jowy Catedras
Yes, yes. first week of November. Another dope Latin Hiphop mix. Reggaeton on the highest level. So much music, not enough time. This is what it is. BTR, your number station for supporting new music. On the mix Crazy Dj Bazarro. I mean, when is it going to stop? uh like Never. We don't stop, good music, great dj's, great fans & super hot fridays…Like that you don't. Let's go!!
Yeah, Yeah, hi!. Lol, what up?. Holidays, music & running around spending money having fun. While you doing all that, make sure you packing my latin hiphop mix in between all the action. Like that quick train ride, in the cab, bus ride, or horse ride? lol. Only in NY but shootout to the rest of the world tuning in also. The last month of the year, so let's make it enjoyable. It's Friday, enjoy your weekend, go!!!!!!
Hello everybody!! Bazarro back in the mix. I was in Atlanta last week for the A3c music festival, so I'm still trying to get back in my NY groove. In Atlanta the weather was great, 85 degrees 5 days in a row. I come back to this crazy NY weather, you don't know what to wear, a jacket, sweater or coat, lol. Feeling a little sick, that won't stop me from bringing u some new Latin hiphop joints. IT's Friday and some new hippo flavor coming up your alley. Enjoy!!! Have a great weekend also.
Yeahhh, woo new mix, We out here in Philly, Philadephia, PA. Doing the mix via-satellite. Having fun and i hope you enjoy the mix, new songs from Malek & Allan, Jayma & Dalex, Jowy C, yeah like that. Share wit ya peeps leave a heart, let me know you u listening. Bazarro out, let's go..Enjoy your weekend!!
IT's Friday once again & check it! Los Rakas drops a new joint called "Dem Rakas", plus they got the making of the song on video. So we made it, video of the week. Check the link below. It shows how every artists have their own style of recording. In the house, studio, on the porch (lol), bathroom or even in the car. As long as it sounds good there are no rules to recording. I remember a long time ago me and my partner recorded a song in the living room watching a Trinidad fight on tv. So more new artists in my mix we rock the indy way. Mulata check her joints she's dope. Let's go!!
Yes, yes another Friday just like that. And uh, some of ya'll gotta go back to school. So get your notebooks, pens and books up to par. In the meantime you can tune into BTR and rock the some latinhiphop to relieve some of the stress, lol. Lot's of good music on board. I'm feeling the new video by J.Alvarez, video of the week, he's on tour too. And also the joint he has with Tego Calderon, who's a legend in his own. Check the tour dates, Arcangel is in Tampa next month, I just came back from Tampa & Savannah this week. Shoutout to everybody who partied with me. Dj Casper, Dj Chin, Dj Sandman, Fader & Dj Lesage. Woo!! what a mini vacation. Let's Go!!!