Electronica via INNA, Luigi Rocca, Bingo Players, Alvaro, Miss Duckin! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Berto Mene & Sunrise Inc.!
Play along at home, as Bryan and JLM make bets on the content of songs and how they relate to their titles, in yet another amazing game on The Music Digest! We brainstorm more new show ideas, talk…
DJRePete is spinning an all new mix today with the latest from Lia Ices and My Brightest Diamond. Plus, zone out with some beats from the likes of Les Sins, hit up rock alt by Field Mouse, and get into the autumn season with a ballad by Holy Ghost Tent Revival. And don’t miss an instrumentally rich track by Marketa Irglova that’s sure to please. Consider your Wednesday soundtrack solved via DJRePete and BTR!
Grab yourself some music discovery Wednesday with DJRePete on BTR, spinning mellow alternative from Robyn Hitchock, dreamy electronica with Girls Names, and balanced by some raw rock with the Virginmarys. Plus, kick off Chicago’s Tomorrow Never Knows festival with a track by a BTR artist playing Lincoln Hall. And for you festival travel warriors, hit up some advanced notice tunes for the upcoming Wakarusa Music & Art Festival going down in June in Ozark, AR. Plenty to get to, so get to it! Tune in to DJRePete on BTR!
A stellar mix awaits with DJRePete, starting your Wednesday with the new single by The Thermals, along with a random alternative assortment featuring Shugo Tokumaru, Miracles of Modern Science, and Last Good Tooth. Tune in for info on the upcoming Wakarusa Festival in Ozark, AR featuring BTR band Calexico. Plus, get lost in a few beats by !!! and Moon Rings. Ya see? Stellar, right? Hit up DJRePete on BTR!
Grab your midweek dose of BTR with DJRePete for some yet-to-be-released music from Of Montreal, electronica from the Memory Tapes, and an exclusive throwback track from the BTR Live Studio. Plus, hit up details on the Big Day Out Festival, going down downunder.  And it’s never too early for a Coachella preview. And that’s just the start to your BTR Wednesday, via DJRePete!