The Alt-Country Hour is ready for you this Sunday on BTR!
We kick off today's show with music from Tall Tall Trees, who is currently out on a European tour with Heidemann!
Some Alt-Country tunes for your Sunday. You're Welcome.
Watch for Falling Rock... Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, "Watch for Falling Stars!"
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
If Saturday or Sunday is the day of rest, then FRIDAY is the day to ROCK!
Today’s episode is a momentous one! Not only are we celebrating the one year anniversary of The Music Digest, we’re also lamenting the departure of DJ Margaret, who will unfortunately be leaving BTR and the podcast. BUT! This show is a good one - we all showcase our three favorite artists or tracks that we were exposed to during our year-long run. Artists that we wouldn’t have heard of or listened to had it not been for the show. And, no worries! Pat and Matt will be carrying on The Music Digest torch and opening a new great chapter in the show’s legacy.
Curren$y. Ava Luna. Suckers. Jamaican Queens. The War On Drugs. Vince Staples. Jonathan Rado. Mac DeMarco. Malachai. And more...
March 13, 2014. 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:49 Daydream-Ava Luna 03:21 Monster-Malachai 05:36 Rich Doors-NewVillager 10:08 I'm Slime-Jookabox 13:07 Restless Leg-Har Mar Superstar 16:42 Hello Tender Love-Zeus 21:18 Lottie on BTR 21:46 Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)-Major Lazer 26:33 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 31:12 Inchworm-Battles 36:02 Babes(Enso Remix)-Icky Blossoms 40:32 Pulsing (feat. Nina K)-Tomas Barfod 43:56 Lottie on BTR 44:38 Lovesick-Gringo Star 47:41 No Pressure-Ages and Ages 51:54 Faces-Jonathan Rado 56:36 Big Wheel-Cass McCombs 60:12 Never Lonely-Diane Coffee 63:32 So Good At Being In Trouble-Unknown Mortal Orchestra 67:19 O Child-Stone Jack Jones 71:04 Lottie on BTR 72:07 Dorner Party-Black Lips 74:44 Gloves For Garbage-Damaged Bug 77:47 The Warlock in The Woods-Shannon And The Clams 80:46 Testifying Time-The Amazing Snakeheads 81:49 You Can't Quit Me Baby-Queens of the Stone Age 88:22 Supermaggot-La Machine 93:14 Lottie on BTR 94:05 Go Outside-Hot Panda 97:20 Finish Ava Luna March 14, 2014 Tulane/Siberia-New Orleans,LA March 17, 2014 Mammal Gallery-Atlanta,GA Queens of the Stoneage March 13, 2014 AEC Arena-Adelaide,Australia March 14, 2014 Rod Laver Arena-Melbourne,Australia The Amazing Snakeheads Mar 20, 2014 Cafe Drummonds-Aberdeen,Scotland Mar 28, 2014 Broadcast-Glasgow, Scotland
It's Subscriptions Week here on BTR, and I couldn't be more excited to tell you all about how to subscribe to all of our great podcasts and video series!
Angel Olsen. Quilt. Lee. Pontiak. Savages. Mark McGuire. La Luz. Laurel Halo. Professor Murder. Eagulls. Moon King. And more...
The Alt-Country hour is back again on BTR! Enjoy tunes alongside DJ Emily!
It's Improvement Week on BTR! On today's show, Tom Nardone of the Detroit Mower Gang talks about citizen park maintenance in Motown. And later, Jillian Siegel and Gabriel Sands from Collective Craft crash our studios to discuss the power of collaboration in the DIY New York City arts scene.
Whooppeeee! One more week of "2013 In Review" setlists. It's a good one. Actually, scratch that... It's a great one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all soooooooo much!