John Tejada
Another awesome show awaits!!! Featuring new tracks from Pixelord, E*Vax, Melted Self and wayyy more! So let's do this...This is glitch//idm!
Here we go! Another crazy one!!! Featuring new tracks from Skee Mask, Hydroplane, Tapage and way more... So let's get it. This is the glitch//idm show, right here on BTR Today!
Here we go! This week we are featuring new tracks from Jon Hopkins, Valance Drakes, Zandersauti and always more! So keep it locked-in and ready, this is the glitch//idm show!!!
Hey friends and freaks! This week we bring you new tracks from Frank Bretscheider, Alva Noto, Kelpe and always more! So please enjoy; this is the glitch//idm show!
Today the show features music from John Tejada, DJ Spinna & Girls Of The Internet.