It’s the final God Bless Weirdmerica of 2015! We’re celebrating another great year of New Weird America and freak folk by playing some of our favorite songs from this year. An argument is made for dunkelbunt’s Mountain Jumper as the weirdest album of the year. Stay tuned and check it all out, plus don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook!
Midweek on BTR starts with DJRePete! Tune in for info on the Liverpool Music Week going on now, as well as a modern pop opera going on at BAM next month with Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. Also, hit up seasonally appropriate tracks from Standfast and Jumbling Towers. And as Halloween approaches this weekend, DJRePete musically gets you into the spirit with a creeptastic set including Johan Agebjörn and Sarah Kirkland Snider. That’s your Wednesday lead off mix on BTR!
90-minutes of tunes for your Tuesday. DJ Emily has a lot of new tracks in the mix. Sit back and enjoy!
Welcome to God Bless Weirdmerica on BTR! Today we’ve got new tracks from Ava Luna, Jerusalem in My Heart and Suuns, and Roisin Murphy. Plus, stand out tracks from Cass McCombs, Circulatory System, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. All of that, plus don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest happenings here at BTR!
Say what you will about Greek yogurt being a fad that is so over, and I’ll point you in the direction of a small ancient country on the Mediterranean Sea that will beg to differ with you. I thought I’d share a dead simple recipe for a little mid-week meal or lunch. It’s roughly based on any number of Mediterranean yogurt dishes, but the flavors are pretty consistent, except maybe for the avocado, but you can add or subtract items at will.
The best of the best on BTR this week!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Happy Wednesday! This is God Bless Weirdmerica, so it’s time to get weird! Today on the show we’ve got Carmen Rizzo, Drink Up Buttercup, and Os Mutantes. It’s a variable freak folk and just plain freaky feast. And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
Well, another freezing week here in New York City. Last week on the show, I played all of my favorite love songs, so this week I have twice as many new tunes to play! They’ll make up for the cold weather and keep you warm. And don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
Sunday with DJ Drew on BTR
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I know it’s a corny, made-up holiday, but I love it anyways. Whether or not you’re in a “relationship,” I just think it’s a really fun day to tell all your friends and family you love them, and maybe make some silly heart-shaped crafts. Plus, it breaks up the monotony of the cold, cold winter. And boy is it cold here in NYC. I hope you enjoy this V-Day playlist, and you find a way to stay warm!
$3.33. Lower Dens. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Leapling. Richard Swift. Ex-Cult. Band Practice. Jib Kidder. Gigi. Lightning Bug. And more...