Joe Bataan
Wow! This week we have more tracks from the Mr Bongo 25th Birthday compilation, plus we’re featuring the first Budos Band record, for fun, and Jason plays some of his favourites to Gemma, to see what she thinks. Will she like them? You’ll have to wait and find out..
This week, Jason is flying solo without a license. But rest assured, he’s lined up a packed full of jam’s worth of music, and so you won’t have to put up with quite as much of his inane chatter as usual. Actually, now I think about it, usually it’s him AND the doctor talking, so with Jason doing ALL of the talking today, technically, you’ll probably have to endure even MORE than usual.. Oh well. How will it turn out??? Let’s do a radio and see!
Well dear listener… Mr Jason & Dr Patel bring you music new & old in a variety of groove-driven genres in today’s show. Including some early Barry White, some technical guitar-led psych-funk from Dennis Coffey, and the new single by Nick Pride & The Pimptones amongst many others. Let’s Kick It & See if We Can Radio?!
This week, Mr Jason is flying solo, only with his Funk & Soul License to keep him company. And his legions of fans, lining the airwaves. And with his comfortable soul trousers, and funk gloves on. And with his cup of PG Tips tea. But apart from that, he’s by himself. Can he kick it? Let’s Radio And See!
Boy! And girl! Do we (I) have a show for you this week! Yes. The answer is yes. Dr Patel is back,, with his healing hands, and his bedside manner. And better than that, it’s his BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, all day! So, I let the good Doctor pick most of the tracks today, with a little guidance from my helpful/wandering hand.. Let’s Radio And See!
Right! So Mr Jason is visiting the lovely peoples of NYC and left me Dr Patel in charge. I dragged the nearest hobo off the street to help me record and his name is Owen. Can he radio? Let us find out!