We sit down to chat about new tunes from Frost, The Courtneys, Too Many Zooz, John Carpenter, Bracken, & Jessica Pratt!
Today’s episode is a momentous one! Not only are we celebrating the one year anniversary of The Music Digest, we’re also lamenting the departure of DJ Margaret, who will unfortunately be leaving BTR and the podcast. BUT! This show is a good one – we all showcase our three favorite artists or tracks that we were exposed to during our year-long run. Artists that we wouldn’t have heard of or listened to had it not been for the show. And, no worries! Pat and Matt will be carrying on The Music Digest torch and opening a new great chapter in the show’s legacy.
This week’s set is a huge bummer. Just completely miserable. It will make you sad, guaranteed. Haha, just kidding, it’s actually not THAT dreary, just a little slow. Enjoy… If you dare!
Ava Luna. El Sportivo. Dead Moon. Joey Badass. Dead Mellotron. Banned Books. Open Mike Eagle. TV Ghost. Jessica Pratt. King Khan. And more…
January 9, 2014.
Whooppeeee! One more week of “2013 In Review” setlists. It’s a good one. Actually, scratch that… It’s a great one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all soooooooo much!