Welcome back again! This week's show features tracks from Introvertmusic, Daisuke Tanabe, the newly re-released Across the Cell Wall compilation, and a whole lot more! So stick with us and let's get weird. This is the glitch//idm show!!!
Welcome back!!! Ok so this week on the show we dip our toes into some goofy and groovy lands. There will be mountains of synthesizers and piles of beats, all just for you my friends. :) So grab a friend, grab a warm blanket and get with it, bro! this is the glitch/idm show!!! -:ed:-
Don’t hate, but we may have snuck a Taiwanese band in this week. We occasionally like to keep people on their toes and guessing. Sometimes we get crazy and throw a K-Pop, or HK-Pop band in just for fun. Anyway, this week we thought you deserved some tracks from bands like Sour, also more from Kyoka and the cleverly named Young Juvenile Youth.
Can you think of a good reason not to discuss Ghost in the Shell while play some sweet tunes from Japan? Neither can we. Enjoy!
Hello... OK, so on this week's show we are bringing it down just a few notches. Playing longer and more contemplative tracks, to give your mind a chance to wander and wonder. So ease on in, cause it's time. ~Glitch/IDM~ .ed
Sugoi means cool in Japanese. I think people should start saying it more and start saying kawaii less. Not everything is cute. Some things are just cool I'll tell you what else is cool. The bands we have for you. That's what.