This is it!!! Last show of 2013, and it's a thick and reflexive show. One to ponder the year past, the experiences past, and to melt that knowledge into future action... So let's get going on this final journey, right here on the Glitch/IDM show/// -ed-
Hey Now! This week brings another bad-ass edition of the Glitch/IDM show, straight to your domepiece. We're gettin' a little funky, a lot IDMy, and a touch of spacey-float music to keep you in your altered state. So let's get on it///// for realllll!
Hey! Welcome back to you most favorite show ever... Ok, so this week is a pretty chill one but not too sleepy, just coooool. man. As always, we are dropping some new NEWness, but keeping it real with the oldies. So kick back, it's the Glitch/DM Show! -ed-
Cold as ice this week... So on this show we are going to be pumping out the background, mind-melting jams. Nothing too intense, just some cool vibey stuff. So please enjoy! Glitch/DM -ed-