Happy early new year from DJ Wynn. Before things get loud, let's bask in the lovely sounds of Angel Olsen, Nils Frahm, Julia Holter, and Charles Bradley.
This is a real heart-felt show this week. We get pretty emotional and intense at times, but still keeping that super funtime edge! So let's just get into the sound... Glitch/DM -ed-
Spend your day off with DJ Wynn as he shares music from Grandchildren, Wampire, Saturday Looks Good To Me, and Dungeonesse.
Welcome! This week on the show we're gonna get all "singy". Cause sometimes you just need that human element in your musical life? So let's get into it and go! -ed-
DJ Wynn rings in Reunion Week with a set featuring the sound of nostalgia from The Caretaker, old friends are welcomed with Caveman, and lost calls are brought about by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down.
Welcome back! So this week on the show we are feeling a little strange. So we got a different kind of mood going on this one. I think you'll dig it, but if you have to get up to get a breath of fresh air, I understand. OK, let's do it! Glitch/DM -ed-
Monday's Mix features artists that have new releases coming out in 2013. DJ Wynn gives you the lowdown on Arcade Fire, Angel Haze, Tyler The Creator, and Toro Y Moi