New music from Winter Hinterland, Kurt Vile, Cults, and Gotye
New music from Black Star, Dive, Sealions, and Sharon Van Etten
Hey Guys! Welcome back. So you may notice some oddities today, and that’s good! So I ask you to just go with it, and later it will go with you wherever you’d like. So come and get swept up in the Glitchy IDMy madness!
Latola and Wynn walk down to the waterfront, in Brooklyn, to look at the twin lights of the World Trade Center memorial. Plus, stories about awkward moments at the gym, playing basketball with Blood Orange, and why a bloody nose can be an aphrodisiac.
Hi! Welcome to the Glitch/IDM radio show on We put together a wonderful show for you today, so please absorb and love what you hear. That would make us very happy and feel like we are doing our jobs. I hope you can feel some amazing feelings over the next hour, and I know you will.
Tonight we celebrate! I am riding high right now so I would love if you could join me. I like to think when we win, you win! So let’s feel the tones and the love; right here on the Glitch/IDM show.
This week on the Glitch/IDM Show we are going to slowly dive into a pool of molasses only to later emerge and be greeted by a land of wonder and magic. As always we have some new stuff and some older stuff, for the heads. So get comfortable, cause you’re not going anywhere for at least an hour. Rest in tiny little peaces…
Brad Liening reads from his recently published poetry collection We Are Doomed, and Dustin Luke Nelson and Jess Grover of InDigest discuss the ins and outs of running a literary magazine. Plus, another edition of John and Molly Fix Your Life.
Glitch/IDM show makin’ it rain this week. The whole show is dedicated to staying inside, finding things to do and just chillin’. So get super creative! Cause you might need it.