Jaime Lidell
Todays episode of The Party Hour has a playlist with 15 great tracks of independent Music. A-Trak, The Chainsmokers, Childish Gambino and many others are included in this party vibe. Plus find out what artist in the show has recently been cast in a huge upcoming film, and find out who was recently spat on during a live performance.
Hanabi discusses some of the notable James Beard award winners. Then Hanabi begins to criticize all of the winners and claim that the entire thing is rigged and the selection committee will give awards away for any restaurant willing to bump them to the front of the line on weekends. Oh, and Hot Dougs is closing!!!! NO!!!!!
Most New Years resolutions revolve around getting in shape and doing it right. Ok, I started that way back in 2013, so this year’s resolutions will be focused on enhancing existing vices, and of course expanding our culinary intake. Insane Dane has wasted no time in resolution making for 2014. He’s on a quest for the perfect Bloody Mary and to that I say good work. Meanwhile I’m working up a thirst for my upcoming trip to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. As a beer guy, I figure this a prime opportunity to get more into German beers than I have admittedly been. Sorry Belgium, I’m cheating on you with a Dunkel! Also, I want to learn to cook Ethiopian and Eritrean food like a pro. Injera we trust! Last but not least, DJ Hanabi wants to make some bomb ass tempura.
Since we’re based in the tech-capital of the country, if not the world we thought it might be interesting to see how all the gizmo-tech relates to the food we eat. Hanabi discovered a local SF service called that delivers fresh, healthy food prepared by local chefs. The site is slick and easy to use. Hanabi noted that the same guy who brought us the terrible Google Glass may have redeemed himself with a lab made burger. Insane Dane wants you to know about Star Trek, specifically “Earl Grey. Hot!”.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Right but what does that have to do with eating Bagels? Nothing, unless you rephrase it like so: when in New York, do as the New Yorkers do. That pretty much means folding your pizza in half, trying to be Gordon Gecko when you're really just Bud Fox, and most importantly eating bagels all the time. I can officially say I hadn't really had a bagel until I visited Murray's Bagels in Chelsea. Delicious! I'm sold. Their bagels had perfect texture, and their cream cheese was subtly flavored and thankfully not over the top. Insane dane, Eatopia's resident bagel expert and Hanabi discuss the virtues of good bagels in this episode. Also, check out Insane Dane's latest Dish + Drink recipe.
It's Hair Week on BTR! On today's show, filmmakers Jason Stefaniak and Siobhan O'Loughlin join us to talk about their short film, This is My Body. And later, BTR's Molly Freeman breaks down the wide world of hair blogs.