Attention, there is a new Saturday Looks Good To Me album! Now, this happens to be the Saturday show, so it's obviously meant to be played here, but they are also one of my absolutely favorite bands! So it's a great Saturday. We've also got new tunes from Cheyenne Mize and a harrowing tale of theft! Stay tuned, and check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr.
It's Data Week on BTR, and I have an important statistic for you-- BTR plays the best new independent music out there, hands down. Oh wait, that's not a statistic? Well, math was never my strong suit. But picking great music is. Stay tuned for new tracks from !!!, Adventure, and Alessi's Ark, plus don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr.
It's the Rock Show, with DJ Patrick K! What does the "K" stand for? I'll never tell! (It's "Konfidential!!")
This week on the show my guest is painter and illustrator Esther Pearl Watson. Esther's paintings draw on memories from her childhood growing up in the Texas suburbs around Dallas Fort worth where her father had the unusual hobby of building large UFOs out of scrap in her backyard. Encore show from February 2011.