From Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lawrence to Target swimsuit models, fashion industry Photoshop practices have been getting a lot of heat lately for hyper-alterations that render beautiful and accomplished women into plasticized Barbies. Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm, co-founders of a revolutionary new women’s publication called Verily, decided to tackle the issue by taking action. Verily offers women a more holistic, well-rounded reflection of lifestyle, fashion, and relationship editorial - one that the Verily team aim to make a true representation of women’s beauty and diversity. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Kara Eschbach about how Verily grew from conversations over coffee to a full-team publication, how the magazine’s no-Photoshop policy evolved, some of the challenges they’ve faced as they attempt to change the industry from within, their new vision for Verily, and more. Plus, a playlist full of tracks from great new releases, including debut albums from New Bums and Sisyphus, as well as the latest from The War on Drugs, Fenster, and more. So stick around for some refreshingly honest fashion, right here with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!