Iain Lowery
This week, our boys start the show with another incredible made-up song, all about Sonya from Eastenders. You couldn’t make this stuff up! Oh.. Hang on.. They did make it up.. Also, a brand new Album Of The Month from The Hipshakes, and some straight-off-the-minnelium-dome rapping from Iain.
This week, Iain and Jason discuss Josh Weller’s new music video during this packed-full-of-jam show. We literally had TOO much jam to pack in, so we had to move two of the songs we’d planned to play, to next week’s show. So, that’s a reason to tune in next week too. Also, look out for their superb improvisation along to Ritchie White Orchestra’s latest hit single, Jenny Brown. Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!
This week, Iain and Jason have the new single from Olympians, an exclusive from Matt Selfe, and more other good stuff than you can stick a shake on! Quite what that means, I’m not sure, but what else have you got going on that’s more important than listening to Iain and Jason? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!
This week, Iain and Jason have a surprise visit from Bob Geldof, as well as a top notch playlist of sterling music, from the boys and girls of the bestest new bands on the planet (beet). We apologise for the problems with our reel to reel tape machine. From time to time it records and plays back at random speeds. We carry on as usual, otherwise the tape machine wins! We must not let that happen! Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!
This week, Iain and Jason give their professional showbiz opinions on things, and Iain has the same thing done back at him. Can he cope with that kind of shredding critisism? Well, no, of course he can’t! Also, we unveil a brand new pre-themetune-themetune, courtesy of the mysterous “Dr Awkward”. We are incredibly excited, as it’s amazing! Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
A great line up of bands in store in this week’s show. A new calssic album from ‘The Fourers’ AND a new Album of the Month too AND loads of music from New York based rock n roll groups. What for could you ask more?