I Draw Slow
Make sure you check out the Targhee Bluegrass Fest in Alta, Wyoming! Above is a picture from when I skied Grand Targhee this past Winter. Plenty of other bands on tour. Check the details in the playlist. New tracks from new albums from I Draw Slow and The Greencards.
Welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. I am DJ Moguls, thanks for joining me for the February 2014 edition of GMBH. You know you are listening to Break Thru Radio. It is "Subscription Week" here at BTR. We're all pondering the worthiness those mailings that always border between advertisements and pure biased opinion. Make sure you check out the Program Guide and our featured articles. For those who subscribe to choicest bluegrass noise, I've got a 100% new line up of greats to gods to get you through the next hour. I Draw Slow is releasing a new album this month and I have two tracks already so sneak a peek. They're on tour now and so are some other greats like Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers and Tom Mindte of the Patuxent Partners. I've also got 2 from the legendary bluegrass god Ralph Stanley with his son Ralph Stanley Jr. We'll start right there with the Stanley Family.
Welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour only on BTR. I'm DJ Moguls welcoming you to summer! This hour, hear new cuts from Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans plus the first two movements of the Blind Leaving the Blind from the Punch Brothers. Chris Thile, Bill Evans, I Draw Slow and Town Mountain are all out on tour. Check it out! And keep those requests coming in!
Hey there! Welcome to the January 2013 GMBH. We've made it to another year so I hope you're celebrating by heading out to see some live bluegrass. Plenty of bands on tour scroll down the playlist for the tourdates. This month be sure to check out Della Mae who just released a new album, also we got some Town Mountain and New Coon Creek Girls. Of course we got a huge favorite of mine, I Draw Slow. Listen up, then get out and actually see them!
Hello this is DJ Moguls and welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour only on BreakThru Radio. Happy Thanksgiving! In the mic breaks you are hearing Adventure. I picked up the split LP Benny Boeldt did with Dan Deacon back in 2009 just this past weekend and I am certainly enjoying it. This is called Poison Diamonds by Benny's pseudonym, Adventure. Check out tracks from Joy Kills Sorrow, the Two Man Gentlemen Band, Scott Vestal and don't forget about After the Rodeo.
Welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. Plenty of new tracks for tasting today. Not to mention GMBH debuts from I Draw Slow, The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show, Della Mae and Robert Hale. Plus a brand new album from Town Mountain: Leave the Bottle. In case you didn't get the news, Killington, VT was open for skiing last weekend. I can still see the snow on the mountains every time I wake up in the morning. Get used to it, Winter is here!