Hop Along
DJRePete starts the countdown to 2016 today with part 1 of his annual BTR Best In Mix. Today he’s spinning a choice set of tracks that ‘broke thru’ on the station in 2015, including alternative from Baio and Mike Pace and the Child Actors, electronica cross-over with Eternal Summers and Teen Daze, and folk with the Sugarplum Fairies and Little Lapin. Plus, Speedy Ortiz headlines a high energy punk alt set to power you into your holiday weekend. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!
The Thursday show for December 3, 2015 kicks off with Cass McCombs' latest album, A Folk Set Apart, which contains rarities and b-sides. You'll also hear new tunes from Givers and Kelley Stoltz
This is the Thanksgiving Thursday mix for November 26, 2015. Happy day, everyone!
Today on your BTR start, DJRePete is breakin’ thru new music from Zerobridge! Plus, hit up alternative from Farao and Craig Finn, blues with William Elliott Whitmore and Low Cut Connie, and rhythm beats via Allday and Bob Moses. Also tune in for info and BTR bands playing today at the Arizona State Fair and the Cardinal Sessions Festival this weekend in Germany. And for fun this post-Election Day in America, check out a political throwback track from Skidmore Fountain. That’s your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
The Thursday Show for October 29 brings you brand new music by Joanna Newsom. She released her fourth studio album, Divers, last Friday. I'll also play a track off of Son Little's latest, self-titled full length, plus a lot more to get you going on your Thursday!
Your midweek mix on BTR starts with DJRePete whose got alternative from Wild Yaks, a live cut with the Eels, and trippy goodness from [dunkelbunt]. Plus, festivals abound today with info across outdoor music events in the US and Europe, including a double dose of the Carolinas within two days for Bombadil and the Lollapalooza gang heads Way Out West for their next act in Sweden. And hit up info on a cool show at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as well as a bloc from In-Flight Safety. Start your Wednesday with DJRePete and BTR!
Amara Toure. Bitchin Bajas. Main Atrakkionz. Rsmg. Pleasure Leftists.
It's Freak Week here on BTR... oh wait, no that's wrong... Hold on, lemme check my schedule... Hmmm... Oh, right, it's Made In The USA Week on BTR! We're talking about how things are made in the USA (mostly by prisoners), and the resurgence of vinyl! Also, playing plenty of great ROCK MUSIC, of course!
The Thursday Mix for June 18 brings you some mellow tunes, some rockin' tunes and some electronic tracks. You'll hear music from Fayetteville, Arkansas based band, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, new tunes from Brooklyn band Wild Yaks and song off of Sharon Van Etten's latest EP, I Don't Want To Let You Down.
This week's Rock Show features rock hits from No Joy, Hop Along, Dub Thompson, Eternal Summers... just too many rockers to mention. Oh, did I mention that I love to Rock??
The Thursday Mix. 6/4/15.
The Thursday mix features brand new music from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Orange Peels, Patrick Watson, Heartless Bastards and more! We'll also hear from Melbourne's King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Reykjavik's Soley and Oakland's very own Danny James!
The Thursday Mix. May 21, 2015.
It’s finally summer! Ok, technically it’s still spring, but to celebrate that beginning-of-summer, wrapping-up-the-school-year, we’re-just-gonna-watch-movies-insted-of-learn feeling, I’m going to start of the show with some nostalgic tracks! (And, of course, some new stuff after that.) And don’t forget to hop on over to Facebook and give us a like! We’ve got everything you need to know about BTR posted on there!
This week is FOMO week. I had to Google it. It means fear of missing out. There reason I didn’t know what FOMO meant is because Hanabi is on top of his game. Hanabi never misses out, especially when he’s in three places at once. With that said, Hanabi visited Home Remedy, which is a very sleek little market and deli near downtown Seattle. They feature some really cool little rice bowls, pizzas and sushi take away items all freshly made in house. Like I said, it’s sleek, and Hanabi seems to like it. So, don’t miss out on Home Remedy. Also, not to ever be missed out on is coffee. I would hate my life without coffee. Not because it wakes me up, but because it tastes delicious and keeps the headaches away. Since I cant’ ever be without my coffee, and since the only place to get coffee at 2am seems to be bad convenience stores I must have a home brewing system. I’m not a fan of giant coffee pots that just sit around and get lukewarm. Rather, I like all the single brew gadgets, so I thought I’d give a little review of three of the big names in single brew systems on the market, namely Nespresso, Kuerig and Tassimo. Lastly, Insane Dane gives out all the FOMO dirt on coffee spots on Dish + Drink.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane begin by discussing FOMO and how it pertains to their personal romantic lives. Then, the pair chats about the new era of rom-coms in response to a piece. The show wraps as the DJs are joined by DJ Samantha to discuss platonic friendships between men and women.
All right, are you guys ready? Strapped in? This week on the Rock Show, we feature NEW ROCK MUSIC from Michael Rault, Warm Soda, Miniboone, and more! Plus older hits from bands like Sloan and The Unicorns. It's a fun-filled dream-ride. Won't you join us?
Hop Along. Ratking. Kolsch. Emily Reo. Noah. Wati Heru. lee (asano+ryuhei). Pete Swanson. Coyote. And more...
The Thursday Mix for May 7, 2015.
Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from Hop Along, Wati Heru and Kashaka and Bitchin Bajas
The Thursday Mix. March 19, 2015.