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Downtown? Check. Brooklyn? Check! Downtown AND Brooklyn? You want it, you got it, baby! And it's only on BTR!!
We are counting down our top favorite rock n roll hits of TONY12! Won't you please come and join us? It's only on #BTR2012YearInReviewLookBackWeek!
"I don't wanna toot my own horn, but it's a pretty big deal!" - DJ Patrick K on Overnight Sensation
What's new in Downtown & Brooklyn? Well, you'll just have to 'tune in' to find out... ;)
It's a True Rock Show today! Rock Show with X-TRA ROCK! Hold the Soft Rock, please!
Paula Cole wants to know, "Where have all the cowboys gone?" This week, Overnight Sensation takes a look at this pressing question, and uncovers some surprising information. Tune in to find out, only on!
Where are we going on today's Downtown and Brooklyn? I thought we'd start Downtown, then head to Brooklyn...
This week's America's Birthday edition of Overnight Sensation is extra special... with an extra special interview with extra special guest LeBrian James (Native New Yorker)!
As they say in the radio biz, "Publish or perish!" It's Overnite Sensation on BTRtoday!
00:00 Mic Break 01:37 Please Stand By - The Shivvers 04:48 Too Dumb - Regular Guys 07:21 Jealousy - The Poppees 09:53 Playing With Fire - TV21 12:55 Now You Know - The Real Kids 16:47 Degeneration - Blitzz 19:32 Not Cool - The dB's 22:17 Can't Wait Till the Summer Comes - Ronnie Mayor 25:07 Hit Record - The Raspbees 30:26 Mic Break 32:01 Hey! - Home Blitz 34:30 Never Gonna Do It - Eric and the Happy Thoughts 36:59 Bible Belt Baby - The Gizmos 38:56 I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again - The Leopards 41:22 If You See Her With Me - Sex Clark Five 43:56 She's Not Mine - Mystery Machine 46:49 Running Start - Shoes 49:38 Here We Go Again - Blue Ash 53:01 Obsession - The Last 56:46 Tomorrow Belongs to You - Gary Valentine 59:24 Mic Break 63:07 Walking Out on Love - The Breakaways 64:42 Finish Home Blitz Mar 29 2012 - 285 Kent - Brooklyn, NY Eric and the Happy Thoughts The Gizmos
Have you heard about the new iOS from Apple? I hear it's their most advanced Overnight Sensation yet!
Downtown & Brooklyn: Rot, Rot, or Rule? You decide.
Banjees, Pop 1280, La Sera, and many more on today's star-studded episode of Downtown & Brooklyn! It's only on BTR!!!!