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Holy are taking the top honor this week as we count down the most played artists on BTR.
Electronica via Eddy Tussa, Twippy, HyperSOUL-X, Ludo Lacoste, Dr. Feel! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Roma Moss, HOLY, Spieltape!
Electronica via Marx Jamex, DJ Habias, Candy Man, Doug Gomez, Dutch DERK! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Joe Valentin & Since 08!
Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're in love, got a crush, or just plain jaded, this playlist is for you. Love yinz. Tune-in! xoxo
"Spring Foward, Fall Back"  Hate when we start losing light.  Its a sign that things are gonna get cold and dark very soon.  No fear though, 2 hours of indie tunes and double shots this Sunday to light the way!