Hollie McNish
It's Milk Week on BTR! On today's show, we're exploring the Raw Milk Movement with David Grace, head of manufacturing at Skyhill Napa Valley Farms. And later, mammalogist Katie Hinde helps us better understand the phenomenon that is inter-species nursing. Plus, NYU professor Yanni Kotsonis is on the phone with BTR's Tanya Silverman talking about the impact that Russia's recent imports bans mean for global politics.
It's Girls Week on BTR! First, feminist blogger and author Amanda Marcotte joins us to talk about the curious role women have played in the gun control debate, starting with Sarah Palin's appearance at this year's NRA convention. And later, more of our chat with Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily for BTRtv.
It's Child Week on BTR! In our mile-a-minute, media-saturated culture, how can kids learn to think critically about the media and news? We examine media integration in K-12 curriculums with David Cooper Moore, Program Director for Powerful Voices for Kids, as well as a look into IndyKids, a progressive newspaper written for kids by kids. Later in the program, is China's one child per family policy to blame for their dwindling youth population? And how will our chief economic rivals address a predicted mass exodus of their labor force into retirement? BTR's Timothy Dillon asks sociologist and Bowdoin College professor, Nancy Riley these questions and more.