Back again!!! This week's show features new tracks from Nicolas Jaar, Darren McClure, Syrge and a ton more! So let's do this, glitch//idm.
Yo! I'm really feeling the show this week. It's a little weird at moments, upbeat at others, and all around superfantastic! So let's add another audio experience to your autobiography... It's the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww/// `**-ed-**`
I'm feelin' pretty good about this week's show. We got a NEW Autechre track from their NEW album, Exai that we are going to play. We got some old classics to drop, and an array of wet oozing organic beats to drown in.... So let's get it! Glitch/IDM -ed-
Back in action!!! Welcome back to the new and super improved Glitch/DM show. This week will be more of the awesome and fun love you have grown to adore about us :) so kick back and put your feet up, cause here comes your happy ending!
Welcome to the grand 200th episode of Glitch/DM!!! The show this week is going to focus on everything and every style. I recommend the best way to listen is to draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath and just drift away... So come along, let's do this! 00:00 DJ Skymall 01:08 While My Cock Gently Sweeps – Com.A 04:55 Unicorn Suplex – Slugabed 07:53 Lucky Connor – Cristian Vogel 11:57 Gearknot Cherry - Mouse on Mars 14:48 This Time Last Year – Chocolate Girl 17:50 50actionexpress - Dorine Muraille 21:47 Afrika Gem – Pavan 24:06 Somno - Last Step 27:03 Love 2 Nite - Roska 32:29 All I Could Think Of - Leaf Cutter John 35:56 Kyoto Station 6PM – Phon.o 39:28 Realize You Are Living Dead - Himuro 42:50 Lulla - Tadd Mullinix 48:07 Sheep Dip – Quinoline Yellow 52:49 Caves of Paradise - Actress 55:11 Omsk - Komet 60:00 Finish Roska . photo by Fraser Brown Jul 05 2012  @  MERTON FARM  Canterbury, UK Jul 13 2012  @  FABRIC  London, UK Slugabed . photo by Richard Herbert Jun 21 2012  @  BANK OF STOKES CROFT  Bristol, UK Jun 22 2012  @  STARA RZEZNIA  Poznan, Poland Phon.o . photo by Marco Microbi Jul 13 2012  @  MELT! FESTIVAL  Grafenhainichen, Germany Cristian Vogel . photo by MissNae