Henry's Dress
We're taking a stroll down memory lane and playing some of the very best tunes of the 1990s! A whole decade, boiled down to an hour! Can we even do this? Well, with the help of some of the finest songs ever recorded, songs from bands like HENRY'S DRESS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS, DARCY CLAY, and DON LENNON... I think we're gonna make it!      
Check it out! Now you can beat the heat with this BRAND NEW EPISODE of Overnight Sensation. Featuring hits from Henry's Dress, Solid Jackson, Dentists, Royal Trux, and many more all-time classic bands. Tune in or GET OUT!      
You've heard of "Throwback Thursday," right? What? You been living under a rock or something?? Well, anyway, this week on the ROCK SHOW, it's a real "Throwback Friday!" I've got great tunes from days gone by, and you know what? They really ROCK! It's only natural...
Today's set is a CLASSIC set for the SUMMER time! It features breezy pop hits from The Go-Betweens, Gene Defcon, The Goodnight Loving, and maybe another band that begins with a 'G,' if you can believe it!
This set is chock full of long songs that ROCK! So I sincerely hope that you're ready to ROCK the DISTANCE!
Happy Birthday to us! Yes dear listener, it's the 300th episode of everyone's favourite gameshow, Planet Beet!! Now, I know what you're thinking; which is a bit creepy I suppose.. "How on earth can you improve on you're usual tasty recipe of music & comedy?" I literally heard you ask. Well, I'm not sure of all the details yet, but I'm almost certain that it can't get much worse than usual, so, if you're a regular listener to the show, you might as well hang around for the next 3 hours to hear our super special extended 300th episode!! Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!