Hank Wood & The Hammerheads
This week it's more heavy punk and hardcore music for ya. Hope you're ready. Starts off with a heavy set featuring good new stuff from Liquids, Lemonade, ScannerCop, & more. Goes a bit poppier towards the ends, like a sweet dessert at the end of a noisy, trying dinner.
It's the OVERNIGHT SENSATION BEST OF 2014, Part 1 of 3 music extravangaza! This episode features some of my favorite PUNK, GARAGE PUNK, GARAGE POP and everything in between!
Good hits from 2k14 so far... it's almost over, but not quite!
We're garage rockin' through another Wednesday. Strap on your mop top and your Beatle boots, and get ready for a tiiiiimmmeeee waaaaarrrrrrppppp!
Hoo boy, we're really rockin' now!