00:00 Mic Break 00:38 That's When I Reach for My Revolver - Mission of Burma 04:30 Shocker in Gloomtown - Guided by Voices 05:54 Gotta Rock N Roll - The Reatards 08:05 Forklift - Pavement 11:29 Mean God - Times New Viking 13:08 The Kid with the Replaceable Head - Condo Fucks 15:27 Dead Moon Night - Dead Moon 20:00 Water Into Wine - Cococoma 22:12 You Killed a Boy for Me - Henry's Dress 23:36 Until the World Stops Spinning - Saturday Looks Good to Me 26:17 Mic Break 28:25 Have a Good Time - Gene Defcon 30:44 Space Boots - Gene Defcon 31:28 Dreaming Dreams - Sea Lions 33:15 Mabosani Ndako - Bemi 36:12 Telephone Wires - Mirah 38:41 Bass Drum Dream - The Microphones 41:48 Bayini Ngai Mpo Na Yo - Franco 44:49 Lovesick - Orange Juice 47:14 Normalcy - So Cow 49:04 There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out - The Lucksmiths 51:06 Such a Fool - The Vaselines 53:58 Blackout - Sloan 55:38 Mic Break 58:47 I Wanna Go Home - Handglops 62:34 Finish Times New Viking Sea Lions Gene Defcon
"Overnight Sensation is the best party you're not invited to." (Party News Magazine, April 2011), and this week's show is no exception! Many hits from TNV, Lydia Marcelle, Bare Wires, The Stones, Jacqueline Taib, and more!! Overall, the mood here is fun and easy-going, perfect for a warm sunny day or evening, or maybe for a cold rainy day or evening. I don't really think there's much "night music" in here, though. Maybe next week i can do some more "night music." You'll just have to tune in to find out! :)